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The Jets gutted their roster in the offseason and are going with 38-year-old Josh McCown Jersey as their starting quarterback.

Coach on the hot seat: Todd Bowles, Jets — The Jets have become the NFL’s definition of dysfunction and have even been accused of tanking even before the season begins. They have plenty of talent on defense, but the offensive side of the ball leaves a lot to be desire. The Jets don’t appear capable of improving on last year’s 5-11 record, which could mean Bowles will be out of a job at season’s end.

Falling: Jets — The Jets gutted their roster in the offseason and are going with 38-year-old Josh McCown as their starting quarterback. McCown has a 2-20 record as a starter since 2014, but Bowles said he gives the Jets the best chance to win. With Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg as the other two quarterbacks, that’s probably true. But the Jets also don’t have a receiver with more than 42 career receptions.

He just out-savvied Manning, a quarterback who was making his 200th consecutive career start. If you were ranking NFC East quarterbacks right now, Prescott would have to be at the top of that list, followed by Carson Wentz, Manning and Kirk Cousins. Prescott already has gone to a Pro Bowl. He has the arm, the pocket intelligence and the mobility to check off that Super Bowl column too.

Game Youth Kasperi Kapanen Jersey On Sunday night, Elliott called his quarterback his best friend. Their stalls are positioned side-by-side in the left corner of the Dallas locker room.

When we’re out there, Elliott said, it’s like nothing can stop us, and you know it’s just great having a guy like him to root me and kind of go through everything like this with me.

They do make for a hell of a tandem. But over time, the more Dallas emphasizes Prescott’s stability over Elliott’s instability, the better off it will be.

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