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Super Bowl 2016: How many people with the winning team get rings?

Super Bowl 49 is just about here, which means some lucky ring-maker is incredibly excited and about to be incredibly busy. The Lombardi Trophy is the symbol of winning the NFL’s top championship, but that goes to the owners themselves and is property of the team. Players and staff are given Super Bowl rings as collectible mementos to symbolize their victory (and, in the case of the losing team, their loss — more on that later).

Super Bowl rings are, more than anything, simply impressive to look at. They’re totally impractical to wear and clash with every outfit known to mankind, but there’s no mistaking them at any visible distance. You know what they are and you know what they mean: that person was part of a Super Bowl-winning team.
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If you want to bet, bet on showy and not subdued — and bet the over.

Elite Womens Eddie Lack Jersey If there’s one regrettable thing about these interviews, it’s that I wish people didn’t view them as a “bizarre” or “weird.” Oi is funny in these moments because he made it apparent that his English isn’t good, and he committed himself to a bit that was built around that fact, a bit that was meant to make people laugh and connect with him, because he has no other way of expressing himself that would be good for the crowd or for TV.

He obviously has a great sense of humor about his English — here he is in 2016 giving a similar, humorous interview — and if he’s interested in learning more, I wish him the best of luck on that (and in winning pool tournaments), and hopefully we’ll see him on TV more.

This under-the-radar deal has to be considered in tandem with an equally unremarkable deal made by GM Jim Rutherford a year earlier, when he acquired Ian Cole from the St. Louis Blues for Robert Bortuzzo and a seventh-round pick. The defensive corps was supposed to be the Penguins’ Achilles’ heel last spring, but it turned into a strength as they won their first Stanley Cup since 2009, allowing an impressive 2.29 goals per game through four rounds.