He’s going to be perfect on the floor and off

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Kristian: Whitney had been legit campaigning to draft C.J. Miles since before we started the Expansion Draft. That didn’t stop 10 picks in.

Finally, I gave in, and in truth, we found our starting three. Miles is exactly what I wanted when I said we needed a wing who could play defense, hit threes, run in transition and didn’t have an injury history or off-court troubles. Besides, we could use Fournier’s offense with the second unit, anyway.

In all reality, Miles is that dude. He’s going to be perfect on the floor and off. Knock down three-point shooter. Can play any position on the court. Remember when he played power forward for Paul George? Team first, will do anything to win kind of guy.

Let’s face it. Some of the best food you’ll find in this country is in New York. It’s called the melting pot for a reason: You get food from everywhere on Earth here. How many Clevelanders have salivated over a plate of braised oxtails that’s been slow-cooked for 12 hours, served with rice and peas, mac and cheese, cabbage, plantains, and sorrel?

Jason Pierre-Paul Authentic Jersey They probably don’t understand the gratification that comes with lifting your aluminum tray — one side much heavier than the other — knowing full well your server has blessed you with a copious helping of this sacred dish. With this trade, at the low cost of a 32-year-old LeBron James, Dan Gilbert can bring real happiness to a community that’s been deprived of good food for centuries.

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